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Teeth Whitening Kits

For most of us, life is busy! There is no reason why you cannot brighten your smile and still keep up with school, work and your social life.

At Encompass Dental Studios, our dentist and team offer take-home teeth whitening treatments in Columbus, Nebraska, so you can enhance your smile when it is convenient for you. To schedule a visit with Dr. Susan Alexander for your kit, call our office at 402-563-4565 today.

The first step to a brighter smile begins with a visit to our office. Dr. Alexander will take digital impressions of your smile. Using those impressions, we will create trays designed to fit over teeth and hold a whitening gel. Rather than actually remove the stains, the gel breaks the stains up, making them more difficult to notice. However, the overall effect is a whiter and brighter smile without multiple office visits.

In addition to your initial teeth whitening treatment, you can use the trays and gel to maintain your new smile. You should also continue to brush and floss your teeth and see our dentist for your routine cleanings and exams. Dark-colored foods and drinks such as cola, coffee, tea, soy sauce, marinara sauce, blueberries, beets and even wine can stain your smile. Red wine can obviously affect your smile, but white wine has a higher acidic content, which can also discolor your teeth. Tobacco can play a big role in staining your teeth, so now would be a good time to consider quitting.

If you are ready to start making great first impressions again, call our office to schedule your visit.

They are all the most welcoming people I have ever encountered at a dental office. The cleaning done by Sarah was well executed and she was gentle. I also received work by Dr. Susan which was also perfectly executed and gentle. I will definitely return to this dental studio in the future.

- Brittany D.

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