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Good health for your child starts before they are born. We stress the importance of good oral health for pregnant mothers. A healthy pregnancy can be compromised if a pregnant mother has poor oral health. Dr. Alexander and our dental hygienists are here to give guidance contributing to a healthy beginning for your child.

After birth, it is recommended to clean a baby’s gums daily and make sure that baby does not go to sleep with a bottle in order to avoid future dental disease. It is also essential that parents understand that oral and dental disease is a contagious condition and we, as parents, can infect our child. As parents, we must practice good oral habits to give our children the best start.

At Encompass Dental Studios, in sync with recommendations from the American Dental Association® (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry® (AAPD), encourage establishing a “dental home” for your child by the time of the eruption of their first tooth and no later than when they reach 12 months old. Consider your child’s first visit as a “well baby checkup” for his or her teeth.

Dr. Alexander is very seasoned in doing pediatric dental visits. We will evaluate the health of your baby’s mouth and provide you with valuable information to help your baby thrive and be healthy. Having your baby come in for a first visit to prevent problems can contribute to a healthy immune system, speech development, better nutrition intake and improved ability to learn and thrive.

As Your Child Grows
It is very important to have regular hygiene health visits from the very beginning. This is to create good health habits, address problems before they become painful or costly to fix, and contribute to good experiences that will help your child embrace the importance of good oral and dental health, eventually carrying them into their adulthood.

We will work with you through the stages of your child’s life and provide care that addresses their needs where they are while providing anticipatory guidance for potential issue to come.

Important factors to educate and address as your child grows can include:

  • Oral hygiene — How to help your child when they are little and how and when to assist them to eventually do an effective job themselves. How to keep motivation to keep their teeth, gums and tongue clean as they get older or get braces.
  • Diet — What are good choices and good behaviors for what we eat and drink. Minimizing sugar, carbohydrates and acidic foods or drinks. Limiting the frequency and duration of eating. Also, as children age, it is good to look for signs of eating disorders, such as erosion of teeth or callouses at the soft palate area. Identifying issues such as these can be lifesaving.
  • Safety — Protecting our mouths from injury and avoiding behaviors that may hurt our mouth. Childproofing homes when they are little. Using mouth guards if they participate in impact activities when they get older.
  • Habits — Preventing problems that may occur from thumb or digit sucking, using our mouths as a “tool” or doing things that may need intervention, such as mouth breathing or tongue thrusting.
  • Piercings — As they become teenagers, children may decide to pierce tongues, lips or other oral tissues and this can cause damage.
  • Fluoride, Xylitol, Sealants and Other Decay-Preventing Products — Incorporating good interventions to prevent dental decay at appropriate stages of growth.
  • Orthodontics/ Braces — If your child is identified as having a malocclusion, we will guide you to specialists (orthodontists) so that your child can have healthy functioning teeth.

When should you begin taking care of your child’s smile? Right away! Call Encompass Dental Studios at 402-563-4565. A member of our team can help you schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Susan Alexander at Encompass Dental Studios.

The patient care at Encompass Dental Studios is amazing. All the staff are very kind and welcoming. I can really tell they care about their patients and providing the best health care. They don't rush their work, and are very detailed, which I appreciate. The practice is very clean, and all the staff are dressed very professional. I am in the medical field, and currently in Nursing School, so I know what it's like to care for patients. The team at Encompass Studios are the best!

- Audrey D.

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