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Dental Cleanings

Sometimes patients will say “I am just having a cleaning today.”

We are here to help you understand the importance of your dental hygiene visit as it is so much more than just a “cleaning,” as it is an oral hygiene health visit.

Your “cleaning” consists of your registered dental hygienists (RDH) having completing over 3,000 hours of clinical training to be qualified on how to work with the anatomy of your teeth and gums safely and effectively. Removing plaque (biofilm), tarter (calculus), stain and debris is important in maintaining the health of your teeth, gums and supporting bone structure. A dental prophylaxis can contribute to a better appearance of your smile. It also reduces your risk for many health problems beyond your mouth.

In addition to your cleaning, our hygienist also collects data and performs very important health screenings. That data consists of documenting the condition of your teeth, tongue, gum/periodontal health, fillings/restorations, saliva, occlusion, airway/sleep apnea screening and an oral cancer screening.

These screenings aid in what guidance they can provide you to achieve effective home care, dental hygiene product recommendations, diet counseling, treatment recommendations, explanations and potential referrals to specialists, as well as anticipatory guidance on how to prevent future problems.

Dental Hygiene Education
Did you know that your registered dental hygienist (RDH) is well educated in preparation for their career in dentistry? Many people mistakenly think that anyone can walk in a dental office from off the street and train to be a dental hygienist. So, in case you didn’t realize how qualified your dental hygienist is:

Students must complete the grueling dental hygiene program with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Basic requirements:
CPR Health Care Provider certified
Proof of immunity and health declaration
Drug screening
Background check requirements

Chemistry 101
Chemistry 102
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry II Lab
Biology 101
Bio Lab 101
Biology 102
Bio Lab 102
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy Lab I
Human Anatomy

Physiology II
Anatomy Lab II
Microbiology I
Microbiology Lab I
Microbiology II
Microbiology Lab II
College Algebra
Speech 101
Speech 102
Psychology 101
Psychology 102

Sociology 101
Sociology 102
Oral Pathology
Emergency Medicine
Dental Radiography I
Dental Radiography Lab I
Dental Radiography II
Dental Radiography Lab II
Head and Neck Anatomy
Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene

Embryology and Histology
Prevention of Dental Disease
Dental Hygiene Theory
Dental Hygiene Clinic I
Dental Materials I
Dental Materials Lab I
Dental Materials II
Dental Materials Lab II
Dental Hygiene Theory II
Dental Hygiene Clinic II
Dental Hygiene Clinic III
Dental Hygiene Theory III

Dental Hygiene Clinic IV
Dental Hygiene Clinic V
Dental Hygiene Clinic VI
Practice Management
Periodontics I
Periodontics II
Periodontics I Clinic
Periodontics II Clinic
Community Oral Health
Ethics and Jurisprudence

After graduation and before they can practice dental hygiene, the hygienists have to take their state, regional and national board exams.

  • 8-hour state/regional clinical exam with a patient that has to meet defined requirements (including local anesthesia and nitrous oxide exam)
  • 8-hour written national board exam and local anesthesia board exam

They must pass all these to become a registered dental hygienist (a licensed healthcare provider).
We are proud of our educated RDHs who provide valuable health hygiene services to you and your family!

I cannot say enough about how amazing Dr. Alexander and her team are!! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and professional, they are compassionate, and make you feel very comfortable! I highly recommend Encompass Dental - they are wonderful!!

- Kristi B.

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